An Overview

Strategic Partners, Inc. (SPI) is a rapidly growing marketing organization that provides a family oriented environment that allows advisors to be independent in operating their practice but provides a support structure that encourages interdependence while enabling growth, on a personal and professional level.

Strategic Partners Inc. is divided into two primary divisions – Life & Annuity Division and Securities Division. These two divisions are designed to support the successful financial advisor, whom is focused on significantly growing his or her business. Through a unique approach to organizational growth, SPI allows advisors to utilize their support structure and to work with both divisions or just work with one division based on the advisor’s needs. SPI has an Executive Leadership team that has over 145 years of industry experience, and this Executive team has leveraged their experience to create this unique and highly successful environment.

The Life & Annuity Division of Strategic Partners is focused on enabling a core group of financial advisors to serve their clients’ life and annuity needs in the most efficient manner possible. SPI allows financial advisors access to a select group of life and annuity carriers. SPI does not desire to work with all carriers, but only a select few that have a proven track record of delivering value to both clients and advisors.