Our Team

Strategic Partners, Inc. – Life & Annuity Division | Key Contacts
Phone: 800-421-6227
Fax: 877-421-6228
Licensing & Contracting: admin@strategic-partnersinc.com
New Business: service@strategic-partnersinc.com

Jon Gatz jgatz@strategic-partnersinc.com
Vice President of Sales
Molly Coomes mcoomes@strategic-partnersinc.com
Director of Public Relations and Marketing
Joe Paulie jpaulie@strategic-partnersinc.com
Director of Advanced Case Design

Business Processing
Dara Barr-Miller dcoomes@strategic-partnersinc.com
Case Manager
Laura Pyle lpyle@strategic-partnersinc.com
Case Manager
12 Business Processors

Ella Lubbers elubbers@strategic-partnersinc.com
Director of Licensing and Contracting
3 Contracting Processors

Corporate Office: Strategic Partners, Inc.
1603 Crawford Ave.
Parsons, KS 67357